Kathy Konrad

  • 教學經驗:3 年
  • 擅長領域:生活美語、托福
  • 學  歷:Bachelor of Science from the Adventist University


Kathy 是一位年輕,但教學經驗相當豐富的老師,她的開朗及活力,創造出輕鬆愉快的學習氣氛,讓學生喜歡上學英文,因此她也非常受學生歡迎,

Teacher's Self-introduction

Hi, I am teacher Kathy. I joined Best 1on1 because I love teaching and helping people. I was trained as an Online English teacher and I have proven abilities to help students to improve their English skills and American accent. My goal is to help every student become fluent in English. I hope to see you soon in Best 1on1!

Alvin Plummer

  • 教學經驗:7 年
  • 擅長領域:商用英文、托福
  • 學  歷:Sheridan College, Canada



Teacher's Self-introduction

I love English teaching, and I have taught English in Asia and Latin America since 2003. I believe in tailoring my techniques to the students, and in expanding their abilities. I am comfortable in using gestures, humor, and images. I also have a gentle sense of humor!



  • 教學經驗:5 年
  • 擅長領域:生活美語、雅思
  • 學  歷:The University of Manchester, Oxford Road, UK



Teacher's Self-introduction

Hello!!  I am teacher Aiden. I am a Native British English Teacher who has been involved In Teaching English to non-natives for about 5+ years. I am a Bachelor of Science Degree Holder in Computer Science/Business Management. I also hold a TEFL certification. My clients have included Doctors, Teachers, government workers, young and mature professionals. I teach English because I like being involved In the process of Language Learning. I would say that my strong point is I know how to increase the confidence in students. I have taught and able to teach General English, English Speaking, Business English, IELTS and Preparation, CV and Job Interview Preparation, Graduate School Interview Preparation. I hope to teach you very soon!!

Katherine Wells

  • 教學經驗:18年
  • 擅長領域:生活美語、商用英文、英文面試
  • 學  歷:Bachelors & Masters in Elementary Education at University of Alabama Birmingham AL



Hi, I am teacher Katherine. I am an experienced English teacher with 18 years of teacher experience. I hope to help people improve their English and build confidence in speaking English! If you are interested in learning with me, please do not hesitate to contact Best 1on1. I am looking forward to talking to you in Best 1on1 Online English!

Jason Haney

  • 教學經驗:5 年
  • 擅長領域:托福、寫作指導
  • 學  歷:The University of Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA



Teacher's Self-introduction

Hi, I am from America. I have been teaching English to Spanish speakers in Costa Rica for 5 years. I also have offered my translation services to many businesses and lawyers here in the San Jose area; I am looking forward to helping you improve your English!



Bryan Dunn

  • 教學經驗:6 年
  • 擅長領域:全民英檢、雅思
  • 學  歷:Masters of Commerce, University of Cape Town, South Africa



Teacher's Self-introduction

I have been working in Taipei for 2.5 years as a Business English Teacher. My clients include ING Securities, Tung Ho Steel, Taishin Bank, China Trust Bank, Fubon Bank, KPMG, PriceWaterhouse Coopers, Hitachi, Ernst and Young amongst many others. I have taught people of all ages. From 5 years old to 50 years old. I speak some basic Chinese and can help basic students understand the difference between Chinese and English.
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